We draw on our extensive experience of both infrastructure and regeneration projects – as well as our thorough understanding of the legislation – to create effective, informed strategies for our clients.


Compulsory Purchase

Navigating the complex area of compulsory purchase can be challenging which is why it’s good to have our highly experienced Compulsory Purchase team on your side. Our robust knowledge of property and valuation means we can offer strategic advice on all types of schemes and projects.

We work with you to create and implement strategies to help you achieve your business goals.

If you’re implementing powers, we work to accelerate your project, assist in introducing certainty and mitigate the major cost risk of delay. If you’re affected by a compulsory purchase order (CPO), we use our powerful negotiation skills to make sure you’re protected.

The majority of compulsory purchase situations play out over the long-term, and we’ll be with you throughout the process – from initial advice through to implementation and claims.

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Current projects

Thames Water – Thames Tideway Tunnel

The Thames Tideway Tunnel is a major new sewer urgently needed to tackle the increasing problem of sewage pollution in to the tidal River Thames.

The project involves building a 26km sewerage tunnel, 7.2m in diameter, from Acton in the west, to Abbey Mills in the east, up to 65m below ground. The sewer will connect to the 26 most polluting Combined Sewer Overflows that currently discharge directly in to the river. We are the appointed property consultant and have been responsible for preparing and implementing the land assembly strategy. This has included site selection, public consultation, case management, expert witness at DCO Hearings, non-statutory compensation scheme development and implementation, property negotiation and acquisition support.

Grainger – Seven Sisters Regeneration Project

This project involves the redevelopment of the area above Seven Sisters Underground Station. The scheme involves the provision of 196 new homes, 15 retail units and a new market hall for Seven Sisters Market. Grainger is party to a development agreement with Haringey Council which envisages construction commencement in 2017, opening to the public in 2019.

We are appointed by Grainger to provide property advice including compulsory purchase and compensation consultancy in connection with the scheme. We are responsible for agreeing and implementing the land assembly strategy and are engaged with property owners and occupiers to secure agreement that will enable the project to proceed on time.

Croydon Partnership (Westfield & Hammerson) – Redevelopment of Croydon’s Retail Centre

The £1b plus regeneration scheme will provide 1.5m sq ft of retail and leisure space including department stores, multi-screen cinema, bowling alley, and restaurants together with up to 600 new homes. The London Borough of Croydon is promoting a compulsory purchase order to help deliver the scheme as part of its wider regeneration agenda for the town.

We are appointed by Westfield and Hammerson to provide property advice including compulsory purchase and compensation consultancy for the scheme. This relates to land and property acquisitions as well as securing rights across neighbouring properties. We are engaged with affected property owners and occupiers to secure agreements that will enable the project to proceed on time.


National Grid - Hinkley Point C Connection

In the South West EDF Energy has secured a Development Consent Order for a new 3.2GW nuclear power station at Hinkley Point.

In order to transmit the power that will be produced, National Grid is required to connect the new Power Station to the electricity transmission network.
To facilitate the EDF connection, in addition to a new National Grid 400kV overhead line to be installed between Bridgwater and Seabank, part of the local distribution network owned and operated by Western Power Distribution would be restructured with existing overhead lines to be relocated and/or undergrounded. CBRE has been National Grid’s property consultant in respect of Bristol Port (Avonmouth and Portbury Docks) area where there is a complex pattern of commercial occupancies. CBRE’s involvement included expert witness input at the DCO Hearing in May 2015.


High Speed 2

High Speed 2 (HS2) is a proposed high-speed railway which will initially link the cities of London and Birmingham, followed by further extension to the cities of Manchester and Leeds. Construction of the first phase of HS2 is set to begin in 2017 with an indicated opening date of 2026, while completion of the entire network is expected in 2033. 

The CBRE Compulsory Purchase team has been working strategically with HS2 since December 2009 and has provided a broad scope of compulsory purchase and compensation consultancy advice along the entire 350 miles of route corridor. We advised on the Property Cost Estimate for the whole scheme and the introduction of voluntary property support and compensation schemes offered in addition to and alongside the statutory compensation code. The team has instructions to address petitions and support the passing of the Hybrid Bill through Parliament. This includes negotiating the acquisition of property interests and the relocation of businesses at the London end of the route between Euston Station and the M25.

Affiliations and Awards

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS & FRICS)
Compulsory Purchase Association (CPA)
National Infrastructure Planning Association (NIPA)
International Right of Way Association (IRWA)
Central Association of Agricultural Valuers  (CAAV)

RTPI Award for Thames Tideway Tunnel (2015)

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“We draw on our extensive experience of both infrastructure and regeneration projects – as well as our thorough understanding of the legislation – to create effective, informed strategies for our clients.”

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