Alternative Property Investment

Brokerage of Unlisted Funds and Derivatives

For investors whose appetite to diversify their real estate exposure has grown beyond traditional real estate structures, we have a dedicated team able to evaluate and advise on alternative real estate investment instruments.

Our capabilities include:

  • Unlisted fund brokerage - PropertyMatch
  • IPD derivatives
  • Inflation derivatives


A joint venture between CBRE and GFI, PropertyMatch is a screen-based secondary trading platform dedicated to unlisted real estate funds, providing interactive prices on a real time basis. Since 2009, the platform has arranged $9bn of transactional volume globally through a total of 1,200 transactions.

The platform allows investors to indicate prices and volumes at which they would buy/sell units in a selection of unlisted property funds across Europe. The screen is fully interactive and prices can be entered either by investors directly or by the PropertyMatch team on the investor’s behalf.

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For further information on PropertyMatch, or to get a free login, please contact Sam Whitham.


CBRE have established a joint venture with GFI to develop the property derivatives market in Europe. The collaboration combines CBRE's leading position in the property market with GFI’s expertise in broking new derivative products.

The products being traded are based on the Investment Property Databank indices which cover the UK and a range of European markets.

The team performs three main roles:

  • Market education
  • Working with clients to develop strategies and structures
  • Executing trades as a name-give-up broker

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