"The Company's commitment to integrity and ethical conduct is the personal responsibility of each director, manager and employee and no other objective has a higher priority"

Our Ethical Standards

CBRE is committed to conducting business with integrity and in compliance with the letter and spirit of the law. We operate in a world where laws and other standards that govern business conduct are more complex and demanding than ever.

We recognise that breaking them could have very serious consequences for ourselves and our employees.

The Standards of Business Conduct (“The Standards”) reflect the fundamental principles that govern our ethical and legal obligations. It describes, summarises and supplements policies, some of which have been in place for many years.

We have organised "The Standards" into four categories:

  • Working with business partners, clients and competitors
  • Ethics in our Workplace
  • Our Resources and Information
  • Working in the Community

Ethics and Compliance Programme

The Standards are the centrepiece of a global CBRE initiative called the Ethics and Compliance Programme. The Programme is administered by our Chief Compliance Officer who makes regular reports to the Board of Directors regarding the operation and effectiveness of the Programme. The Chief Compliance Officer works closely with our legal professionals, senior officers and other personnel involved in relevant areas at each of our business units.

The Chief Compliance Officer also establishes the standards for the Ethics and Compliance Programmes that will be implemented in each Country and region in which we operate worldwide. In each case, the Programme includes:

  • An ongoing training and communication programme to set the right tone and reinforce the Standards;
  • Implementation of a confidential means of asking questions, raising concerns or reporting violations of legal compliance or business ethics policies, including a no-tolerance policy against retaliation;
  • Communication of how investigations of, and discipline for breaches of the Standards will be handled; and
  • Ongoing initiatives to measure our progress and to constantly improve.

Global Standards

The Standards apply to personnel, board members and other people acting on the company’s behalf. Everyone at CBRE has a responsibility to understand and practice these policies. Anyone who engages vendors, consultants or temporaries is responsible for monitoring their work to ensure they act in a manner consistent with the Standards.

CBRE is a global company so rules governing conduct will vary from region to region.

But, there are certain principles that apply globally. The obligation to act with unwavering integrity does not end once you cross a border. The Standards have been customised, translated and implemented in each of our EMEA Offices.

What they don’t cover

No policy manual, however detailed, can anticipate all of the situations and challenges faced at work. The Standards are not intended to be an exhaustive description of policies or the law. In the UK we operate in accordance with our Business Management Systems Manual (“BMS Manual”) and the RICS Rules of Conduct (“RICS Rules”). Our staff is required to abide by our Employee Handbook (“Handbook”).

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