The Charitable Trust enables us to support our clients'

fundraising initiatives and contribute to the community

Financial Giving

The Charitable Trust acts as the vehicle through which the many requests for sponsorship and support we receive are channelled. The Trust enables us to support our clients’ fundraising initiatives and contribute to the many and varied requests we receive from employees involved in community and other fundraising activities. Over the past five years, an outstanding £830,000 has been raised for over 430 charities.

The Trust is helped in its efforts by the company’s charity champions. They represent each office around the UK and encourage and organise their colleagues’ involvement with local and national charities.

The Future

By 2013 we aim to have increased our charitable giving and match that commitment by increasing the number of man-hours required to pursue our charitable aims and activities. The Charitable Trust is constituted by a Trust Deed and is registered with the Charity Commission for England & Wales under registration number 299026.

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