The CBRE Law Firm Practice Group (LFPG) was created by experienced professionals to provide qualified solutions to the real estate issues facing
today’s legal industry.


CBRE Law Firm Practice Group

With a global client list, we understand the unique real estate issues and challenges the legal industry face and help realise individual firm goals with every transaction.

Although the legal sector has perhaps avoided the worst effects of the economic downturn, it has nonetheless impacted revenue streams as law firms' clients focus on reducing their legal bills and expanding their legal services provider base. Law firms are having to increase flexibility to respond to market demands, and we are starting to see the changing structure of their sector reflected in their real estate activity.

Our Law Firm Practice Group operates across the major jurisdictions, using our sector-specific experience to minimise our legal sector clients' exposure to risk and maximise their real estate ambitions.

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The dedicated Central London law firm experts

Central London is one of the most important and diverse markets in the world for law firms given its position as a global financial and legal centre. Our dedicated law firm real estate experts have unrivalled access to global knowledge, and have a unique understanding of the London market and the constantly evolving legal industry. Every day in London we apply insight, experience, intelligence and resources to help some of the biggest law firms make informed real estate decisions.

The expertise we apply to every transaction and client relationship includes:

  • In-depth understanding the legal industry
  • Market leading knowledge of the Central London office market
  • Access to local expertise in every major market in the world
  • Intellectual capital and technology resources
  • Superior analytical, research and client service tools
  • A proven track record of meeting diverse client needs
  • Leadership positions in all service lines
  • An organisational structure that harnesses the firm’s collective expertise

CBRE’s Law in London Report

The second edition of CBRE’s Law in London provides an update on the occupational trends of the "CBRE Legal 100" - the hundred largest London law firms by size occupied.

This year we have also undertaken, with input from leading legal workplace consultants, a comprehensive analysis of the workspace strategies pursued by the legal sector to maximise the performance of their office accommodation, which has become a hot topic in an environment where law firms are seeking to drive cost efficiencies.

Law in London Special Report 2014

The view across Europe

With legal sector office market activity improving across key European markets, we look at commercial real estate activity in nine key locations, covering recent demand, relocation trends, rents benchmarking, floorspace reduction and workplace strategies.

Download Law in Europe

A global perspective

The May 2014 Legal Sector Global Report from CBRE’s Global Law Firm Practice Group provides legal-focused local market perspectives from 27 cities around the world, across the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific, as well as insight into today's evolving law firm workplace.

Download the Legal Sector Global Report.

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