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Future of our Buildings

Welcome to the Autumn edition of Building Consultancy Today.

In this edition we explore new trends and technologies that are changing and influencing the way we build and use our buildings now and in the future. Technological advances really are at the heart of change allowing a more fluid approach to occupying buildings with the increasing use of portable communication devices and the move away from static desks to a variety of work settings as examples.  We touch on these and other areas including wellbeing which is rapidly gaining ground from a staff retention and productivity perspective.

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David Hitchcock

Head of UK & EMEA Building Consultancy

Workspace Demands

The rapidly changing patterns of work and the workplace mean landlords need to offer flexibility, provide more facilities and amenities to attract future tenants.

Matt Wilderspin, Head of Project Management discusses shifting occupier attitudes and shows how landlords need to respond in order to attract tomorrow’s tenants.

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New Technology Trends

The days of the executive suite surrounded by bland, productivity-draining expanses of workstations are long gone.

Graeme Forrest, Senior Consultant in IT & AV Consultancy introduces some of the changes that are redefining the workplace for the future.

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Next Generation Building Materials

New developments in building material science are changing the way we make and use buildings.

Matthew Powlesland, Senior Surveyor in Building Surveying explains what this will mean for investors and occupiers.

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Façades of the Future

New technology is giving designers access to a greater range of choices in building façade design.

Tudor Pop, Associate Director in Façade Consultancy looks at these new systems.

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Keeping Pace with Technology Changes

The real challenge with today’s buildings is keeping pace with technology change to avoid redundancy.

Neil Grey, Senior Director in Project Management – Major and Capital Projects explores the cultural shifts in the workplace which are taking it towards an experience-rich environment with less fixed infrastructure and more fluid work settings.

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This quarter we predict:

  • More people calling the top of the market
  • Asian activity remains strong despite market turbulence
  • Demand in the supply chain continues to underpin an upward trend in tender prices
  • UK’s position on EU membership fails to dent incoming investment
  • Increase in occupier activity