Our reputation as an employer is vital to how we are

viewed in the property community and in the wider world.

Our Workplace

We take our responsibilities towards our people very seriously and recognise that our business can only ever be as successful as its employees.

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Working for CBRE

In the UK, we employ around 2000 people. Our turnover of staff is stable at 13% and much of our recent recruitment has been to grow the business, not to replace people.

By and large, people join us via one of two routes:

Experienced Hires

In 2007 we recruited 400 experienced people across the UK business. As well as surveyors and other property specialists we hired professionals in marketing, finance, secretariat and administration.

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Graduate Recruitment

We have close links with universities that provide First and Masters Degrees in property disciplines like Reading, CASS Business School and Oxford Brookes. We offer graduates a structured two-year training program within a world-class professional services environment.

Find out more at our graduate recruitment site.

Work Experience

When you’re deciding on a potential career, there is no substitute for first hand experience.

We provide work experience and vacation employment for students from a range of schools, colleges and universities.

In 2007 we provided work experience for 120 students.

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