We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously


Environmental Stewardship

The Environment Stewardship policy that we announced in May 2007 committed us to minimising our impact on the environment and identified a series of specific initiatives.

These were as follows:

  • To become carbon neutral by the end of 2010.
  • To implement Environmental Management systems for our offices. In the UK we have already obtained ISO 14001 for our London office operations.
  • To establish minimum environmental standards for our own facilities.
  • To adopt procurement standards that incorporate environmental best practice.
  • To engage with our clients, with the aim of them implementing energy saving technology.

Follow the links below to learn about what we are doing in the areas of Energy & Carbon Emissions, Water, Transport, Waste and Our Own Facilities to meet the commitments.

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Carbon Neutral and ISO 14001

Becoming "carbon-neutral" involves either reducing or neutralising the effect of our greenhouse gas emissions. This will be achieved when our CO2 emissions ("carbon footprint") have been measured, reductions have been identified and implemented, and remaining emissions have been offset through high-quality carbon projects. ISO 14001 is an internationally recognised standard. It demands significant, measurable action and continuous improvement in the environmental management of buildings. Implementing ISO14001 in our offices will enable us to ensure environmental impacts are managed. Our London offices have already been awarded this important certification.


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